Damp Proofing Services

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Rising Damp
Rising damp can lead to structural damage within buildings. The internally rising groundwater saturates walls. Pollutants, which are contained in the water, and the constant dampness in walls can lead to mould, blistering and damaged render. A common reason for rising damp, especially in older buildings, is an incorrect or damaged Damp Proof Course or external groundwork being at a higher level than the Damp Proof Course.
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Penetrating Damp
Excessive dampness to walls, strange watermarks, suspicious growths of mould or damage to decoration are the usual signs of penetrating damp. It can be caused by defective and porous masonry or render, poor window pointing and frequently by damage to the roof and rainwater goods. If left untreated, damp can cause internal deterioration of your property fabric, rot infestation and weaken the building structure.
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Condensation & Mould Control
Condensation happens in almost every property, but it is also an underestimated cause of water damage, and is certainly the most common cause of excess moisture in buildings. Thankfully, there are various condensation treatments that can deal with the problem. Without regular ventilation, condensation often results in unhealthy living conditions with black mould growth, unpleasant musty damp smells occurring within a property. At its most severe, it can even result in permanent damage to plaster and timber.
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Basement Waterproofing
More often than not basements reside “below the water table”. This means they are vulnerable to hydrostatic pressure caused by water in the surrounding ground. This pressure caused by water against the floor and wall of the basement will often lead to cracks, leaks and eventually damp problems. Tanking creates a barrier to prevent moisture from getting into the basement. It allows the use of an otherwise damp and miserable space to be safe, dry and habitable.
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Victorian/ Historic Properties
While we have explained the damp problems that are associated with old houses, this does not mean you should not consider buying one. Having a damp survey, carried out by a specialist, at the property will identify what existing damp problems you have as well as other property care-related potential issues that may occur in the future. It is important that you have a PCA approved damp proofing specialist that inspects your property.
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Air Quality
It is important that your home has a high standard of indoor air quality. Did you know that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors? 70% of this time is spent at their own home. If your home has poor air quality, then you could be damaging your health. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint. Most people do everything possible to retain heat within their homes, blocking up chimneys, insulating our walls and draught proofing vulnerable areas in our homes. This may be great for the winter months, making our homes warmer and more comfortable, however, the air inside our homes is locked in. This reduces the quality of the air which means the air we are breathing is stale.
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